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Smart Locks
Security Cameras
Bar Inventory Control Systems
Point of Sale (POS)

We are Experts in Point of Sale & CCTV Security Systems. We represent the following registered brands in Mexico: Tuatara, Tysso, FocoCam 360

Professional service & support we provide international experience. Our products include: Systems for bars & Restaurants, CCTV, POS y Electronic Locks.

We supply the best equipment at the most accessible prices. We work with our clients to provide long term service & support in order to receive maximum return on investment.

Take a moment to check out our site and please contact us directly to receive detailed information about our personalised friendly services.

We are located in Puerto Vallarta.  We provide a high level of technical computer support and resolve many problems remotely. Please contact us to arrange a remote support session or a visit by one of our professional technicians. 
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