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This is a completely new function in DIGIPOS.

It allows connection to the Wircon Wireless Bar Control System.

The integration is to provide additional functions and control to sales and inventory with in the bar.

At the cash close a report is generated to show how many drinks were served and how many drinks were paid for.  Brand by brand and size by size.



The customer orders a rum and coke. The drink is served by the barman and entered into the POS.  The customer the orders a 2nd rum and coke but the barman “forgets” to enter the sale into the POS.

When the close is made a report shows 2 rums were served but 1 paid for so there is a difference of 1.

The manager can now take action and resolve the problem in real time with out waiting until the end of month inventory and finding large losses in stock.

Screen Shots: