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OBPOS includes a basic split ticket function that can be used when paying all accounts.

DIGIPOS can have up to 6 accounts or “seats” per table.

Each product can be assigned to a different seat as its ordered or later before payment.

Each seat can be assigned to a customers name.

Additionally the true number of seats per table can be configured and displayed in the floor plan.



A group of 4 enters the restaurant and ask for a table, the host can check the POS for empty tables that have 4 seats and show the guest to their table.  Later in the evening 2 of the guests decide to leave and ask to pay their part of the bill.  In this case a preview of the complete bill can be printed and show to the guests.  The guests then tell the waiter the items they will pay for.  The waiter can then select each product already ordered in the POS and assign it to seat 2. Now seat 2 account can be closed and printed leaving seat 1 open at the table.


Screen Shots: 

Technical Information:
Attributes “seats” must be used and assigned to each product.
alter table `PLACES` add column `SEATS` int(11) DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL after `FLOOR`;

Ticket Buttons: <split value=”true”/>