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OpenBravo POS is an excellent POS application.
Here is a short list of benefits:

  • Original Version is Open Source (Free)
  • Java Based (Can run on any Java Platform , Windows, Linux, OSX etc)
  • Connection to popular database applications (MYSQL, Derby, Postgres, Oracle)
  • User Friendly (Anyone can use this POS)
  • Community of developers and contributors (Help Forum)
  • Multi Lingual (Any user can create a language file)
  • Problem Free Operation (based on personal experience)
  • Virtually any hardware can be used
  • Low Cost Implementation

That said, it is not the most complete POS, but who would realistically expect a free product to have all the functions of a Commercial POS??
We have worked with many clients and created special functions and improvements to the original product as well included many contributions other developers have added.
Now we would like to offer a complete compilation of these improvements as well as provide installation, support and development services.