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 Shipping – to all of Mexico



Record the type of sales made (Dine In, Take out, Delivery)

Add customer details including delivery address to tickets.



As a ticket is opened the sales person can select the type of order, Dine In, Take Out or Delivery.

In some countries different taxes are incurred depending on the type of service.

As the owner of the business it is important to see where sales are made to evaluate continued offering, reports can be produced to see sales totals in these 3 different modes as well in the cash close report.

The delivery address is printed on the ticket so the delivery person can arrive at the correct location.


Screen Shots:

Technical Information:


        #if (${ticket.printMenu()} == “Delivery”)


        <text align=”left” length=”15″>Address:</text>








        <text align=”left” length=”15″></text>